Saturday, 14 November 2015

Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall with Ghost Tours UK

I was lucky enough to be invited to a college seminar/paranormal investigation at Ordsall Hall, Salford by the Ghost Tours UK team. I’ve not been ghost hunting for a while, due to uni commitments, and some would say what’s the point if you don’t believe in ghosts? But I’m fascinated by the psychology of paranormal perception and if they are real, I might see one! Ordsall Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of the White Lady who died of a broken heart after her brother died in war.  

The team gave a talk on their research methods and the evidence they’ve obtained. This was opened-up for discussion on what level of proof those present would need to be convinced in the paranormal. Is seeing believing? As usual, I bored everyone about my research and EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Luckily, everyone was still awake by the time we started the investigation…

In the Star Chamber we sat in a circle and held hands. The medium asked the spirit(s) to lift our arms. To my surprise, the arm of the student next to me (and mine) started to rise. The sceptical interpretation would be suggestion and unconscious movement. However, as my hand was on top (and not moving, promise!) I can’t comment on what was doing it. I asked the student how it felt and they said it was as though it was being pushed from beneath.

I was in for a bigger surprise in the next room. In the Main Chamber we sat on the floor again and called out. The medium said he had someone for me from two generations back. I won’t comment on the reading but suffice to say it was 100% accurate and somewhat disconcerting for me. I made the joke that even though I’m a sceptic my dead relatives keep trying to contact me! I have previously had my grandfather come through.

In the kitchen we did some glass divination and dowsing with positive responses. In the attic we did an EVP session with the P-SB7 spirit box and you can listen to the audio below. Finally, there was a mediumship demonstration in the Main Hall where several people had messages relayed to them. These seemed meaningful to them but I didn’t speak to them afterwards to discuss the content.

It was a well organised and balanced event with differing viewpoints on the paranormal embraced. I hope the students enjoyed it and, you never know, they might decide to research the psychology of paranormal perception like me!

I’ve attached some of the pictures from the event and the audio of the EVP session below.



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