Saturday, 12 December 2015

Telephone Calls From The Dead

It's been a busy end of term for me and the society. We've had some fascinating events, guest speakers and podcasts. One of the highlights was a guest lecture from Callum Cooper from Northampton University on 'Telephone Calls From The Dead'.

This has links with my own research in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and the idea that electronic equipment can be used to contact the dead. In this instance they contact the living. It's no surprise these follow the progress in technology and I wonder when we'll get the first report via a smart watch!

Whilst the phenomena is rare, I have spoken to a couple of people who have experienced this - a telephone call and a text message. People are often reluctant to talk about their paranormal experiences, particularly to researchers who they think may be judgemental, so there could be many more who’ve had this.

I was fortunate that Chloe was willing to discuss her experience and you can listen to her account (in a haunted hotel!) here:  Telephone Call From A Ghost!
Here are links to Callum’s talk (video and full audio inc. Q&A’s):  Guest Lecture: Telephone Calls From The Dead by Callum Cooper

...If you've had an experience similar to this we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via the blog, email or contact Callum direct. You can read more about his research here:

Callum Cooper, Northampton University 

Have a spooktacular Christmas and New Year! Here's looking forward to a paranormal 2016.

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