Friday, 12 February 2016

The Ghosts of Tatton - Interview with Mick Ricketts, Steward of Tatton Old Hall

I spent a lovely day at Tatton Park on Tues and interviewed Mick Ricketts Steward of Tatton Old Hall about its haunted history.

The site is the location of the now lost Tatton village and a scheduled ancient monument. The Old Hall itself dates back to the late 1400s. A two story extension was added in the 1500s with significant remodeling in 1770. The Cruck Barn was moved from a farm in Frodsham in 1976. Both buildings are grade II listed. The house was gifted to The National Trust in 1958 and is jointly managed with Cheshire East Council. The buildings are open to the public between April and August.

The Old Hall has a reputation for being haunted by several spirits. Reports have included a dominating male presence (Tom) believed to be a former gamekeeper with a love of drink and dislike of women. Some women have had the sensation of ‘chocking’. A lady and child have been seen in the master bedroom but don’t appear to interact with visitors. The sound of a women crying has been heard in the sewing room where people feel a sense of despair. A grey lady has also been spotted in the grounds.

Due to this activity it has become popular with paranormal investigation teams. Most Haunted have visited the site several times - February 2007 (with Carol Thatcher), a LIVE show in October 2010 and again in June 2015. They also visited the Mansion House in March 2007. Yvette Fielding has stated it is one of the most active places she’s ever investigated! I attended a ghost hunt there in February 2013 where I captured my first EVP in the Great Hall! Listening back to my infrared cameras audio I heard a women’s voice say “Don’t go”.

It is a beautiful location with a great history so was excited to come again to interview Mick. We discussed the history of the site, the ghosts who are said to reside there, his own experiences, those of his team and other visitors. The park embraces its haunted reputation and allows paranormal groups to investigate. They also host Halloween events and historical re-enactments. It was a fascinating interview and I would like to thank Mick for generously giving his time to talk to me. 
You can listen to the interview below:
My first ever EVP!

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