Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Local Haunts

My county of Cheshire, like many other historic rural shires, boasts many haunted places and associated ghost stories. Below are a collection of paranormal accounts that will be familiar to local residents, both living and dead…


The only entry on the Paranormal Database website for Wilmslow is a UFO sighting behind the department store Hoopers in Jan 1966.

“While patrolling the town centre, PC Colin Perks spotted a hovering craft that glowed a greenish grey colour. Colin said the UFO was around thirty foot long and that he could see portholes along the side. After several seconds it flew off”.

The George and Dragon pub (now empty) is said to be haunted. Staff have felt and seen the present of an extra spirit than those behind the bar! Visitors have reported the sound of groaning and chains. The pub sits next to St Bartholomew’s Church.  Underneath the church and pub lies a secret tunnel which emerges in a wooded area a mile away. Its precise function is unknown but rumour has it that it may have something to do with slavery in the 16th Century.


Such tunnels were not unusual. There was one that linked the Church and the Rectory (now the post office) in Cheadle. One of my distant relatives was the housekeeper for the Rector. On one occasion she was walking along the tunnel to tell him his dinner was ready when she was met by a ghost walking towards her in the opposite direction. She then turned tail and ran back the other way knocking over one of the gaslights that lit the tunnel as she did so. The fountain in the town (now moved from its original location) is said to be haunted by the ghost of a white lady.  


(From Spooky Isles) "Styal Mill is said to be haunted by a Victorian lady who roams the upper floors. The Apprentice House has several spirits. Renovations in the 1980s left workmen terrified after they reported seeing a lady in white in the medical room. Another lady spirit has been spotted lurking in the attic and even directly behind someone without them knowing. A dog mysteriously became terrified and seemed unwilling to go upstairs in the house. When taken outside the dog refused to go back in. The feeling of being watched is experienced in the schoolroom. Mediums and sensitives have reported that something dark, disturbing and sheer evil resides there".

Alderley Edge

The Edge and surrounding area has a long association with legends of King Arthur and witchcraft. The park itself used to be a mecca for witches and witch-wannabes, i.e. teenagers, to congregate at Halloween. After several years of trouble the area was closed off at night. Although, I wouldn’t recommend going there after dark in October or on a solstice. My mum had her own encounter at The Edge which spooked me so much as a child I slept with a crucifix above my bed. Come to think of it I still do… but that was my Nana’s which I’ve kept.

Suffice to say both good and bad magic is said to be practiced there. Legend has it that if you run around the 'Devil's Grave' three times the Devil will rise!

In a previous post I’ve mentioned the legend of the Wizard of Alderley Edge. The farmer in that story was from Mobberley, which is where I was born and brought up.


I used to live on a farm and our house always had an atmosphere. I remember seeing a man once and my Mum also thinks she did, although our stories may have got merged over the years. One of our neighbours has a resident ghost called Mary. Like Casper, she was friendly and was known to assist the owner with putting on his jacket.


Tatton Park has many ghosts and you can listen to Mick Ricketts talk about those at Tatton Old Hall. The Mansion House itself is also said to be haunted.

The long straight section of road running next to Tatton is known as the Tatton Mile. Late one October night in 2009 a driver spotted the figure of a man standing in the road with his hand out as if he wanted the car to stop. As the car drew closer the figure vanished causing the driver to swerve out of shock.

These are just some of the local ghost stories and legends in this area. I’m probably biased but Cheshire is definitely worth a visit for the traveller looking for supernatural tales.

Do you have any accounts you’ve heard in this area? If so, get in touch.

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