Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ghostbusters Review: It was Feigin’ Awesome!

I went to see the new Ghostbusters film this weekend. Like many other fans of the original, I was supportive of the reboot but apprehensive about what it would be like. I went fancy dress (see below) and was super excited. For me it didn’t disappoint… 
As a reboot, rather than a remake, it kept to the spirit of the original but sufficiently deviated to be worthy in its own right. Whilst I have huge affection for the original films I don't have the same emotional connection as some people. Many have said Ghostbusters got them interested in the paranormal but for me this was my mother's experiences (see previous post). 

As in the first film, it touched on the treatment of psychical research in academia. This is something I have encountered myself. Despite coming from an anomalistic psychology framework I have had negative comments about the legitimacy of my research. This is not exclusive to parapsychology of course. 

Spoiler alert: Dr Erin Gilbert (Kirsten Wiig) has her career at a prestigious university ruined by a book she wrote on the paranormal with an old friend Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy). Yates is now at a less prestigious higher education institution researching the paranormal and there's a funny scene where even they stop their funding. 

The ‘female’ humour was well pitched but not aliening and I laughed out loud so many times! It reminded me of the comedy series Miranda in that we've known ourselves or others to do similar daft/stupid stuff. The gender role reversal of the 'dumb blonde' secretary Kevin has come into some criticism, particularly by my male friends. For me this was inspired! He was funny, endearing and the humour was not exploitative. In contrast to the traditional format. Although, there may have been a couple of jokes too many in parts. My fav character was Holtzmann along with those I went to watch it with. Kate McKinnon nailed eccentricity without being annoying. 

The plot was interesting and well executed. The main characters displayed good chemistry and the relationships were believable. The cameos were a delight (see how many you can spot!). As expected the graphics were amazing and I loved the ghosts. I would have liked some more 'darkness' and creepiness but don't judge them for making the film appeal to a universal audience. This is only what happened with the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters and to a certain extent Ghostbusters 2. Depending on its success it looks set to have a sequel. Hint: make sure you stay until the end of the credits! 

Viewed as a standalone film it was enjoyable, funny and entertaining. I would definitely recommend you watch it, I know I'll be seeing it again. As with other paranormal phenomena keep an open mind. You just might like it!

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